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Time to use up your dental benefits before it's too late!

Calendar Maximums


A lot of dental insurance plans have something called a calendar maximum.  A calendar maximum is the maximum dollar amount that the insurance will pay annually (between January 1 - December 31) towards dental claims for each individual covered under the insurance plan.  


Starting January 1, a new calendar maximum begins and the unused maximum from the previous year is lost.  Don't let your insurance benefits go to waste!  If you need restorative work, set up an appointment now for December to take advantage of your 2013 benefits, then you can use next year's calendar maximum for other treatment you may need.  If you do not need restorative work, it's still a great idea to keep up with your routine cleaning and exam every six months.  Not only is preventative and diagnostic services essential to your oral health and usually covered at 100% by dental insurance plans, but some insurance companies will consider rolling over a portion of your calendar maximum to the next year and the year after that if you keep up with your routine care.  This continual rollover can be a lifesaver to your wallet if you need unexpected restorative work.